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      No.198 Mayuan Road.Ningbo.China.


      Tel: +86 574 87120888

             +86 574 87149776

             +86 574 87121298

      Fax: +86 574 87113805


      Company Profile => About us

      China Ningbo International Cooperation Co., Ltd (CNIC) is the first comprehensive corporation of Ningbo city, integrating overseas investment & economic cooperation, foreign trade and industrial investment. Founded in 1988, we have always been listed among the top for its economic benefits in the field of Foreign Trading and Economic Cooperation in Ningbo.

      Our business scope includes: import and export, international labor service cooperation, foreign-aid supply project, industrial investment, scientific and technological development, etc.

      Taking “Committing promise, abiding contract, assuring quality and perfecting service” as our business objective; “quality first, customers the highest” as quality policy (we obtained ISO9001 quality control authentication in 1999), we have established cooperative business relationships with over 100 countries and regions. “Set up business sincerely, improve it with joint effort” is our spiritual maxim. With the spirit of people orient, management concept innovation, steady managing style, management mechanism improvement, we have been awarded “AAA level” corporate for many years.

      We assemble well-educated human resources and many high-quality talents majoring in foreign trade and economic cooperation, foreign languages, management and law to well develop our own corporation culture. We have been introduced twice to make speeches on the national foreign economy and trade conference for our sound management and gained favorable reputation among relevant government authorities and industry counterpart.

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      Add:No.198 Mayuan Road.Ningbo.China. Tel:+86 574-87120888 Fax:+86 574-87113805 浙ICP備05054241號